Ross Paul – Founder/Editor-In-Chief

From: Hertfordshire, England

With three years of working as a freelance Sports Journalist and a degree from Sussex University under my belt, I decided that it was time to focus on a passion project of mine. I created Tales From Sport in the hopes of producing the most in-depth, high quality articles about the most interesting stories in the history of sport. My main focus is writing about the American Football, however, I also produced content on the MLB, NHL and Football.

I am a die-hard Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, Winnipeg Jets, Stevenage FC & AC Milan Fan and an avid sports memorabilia collector.

William Cheesman – Writer

From: Brighton, England

My name is Will, I am a 24-year-old guy based in the UK with a degree from University of Sussex. I enjoy playing video games, listening and writing music and of course, watching and analysing sport.

I have a knowledge of a variety of sports with football, cricket and NFL being my areas of expertise. The teams I support are Liverpool (football), New England Patriots (NFL) and Kent/Melbourne Stars (cricket).

Greg Bird – Writer

From: Bolton, England

I am a passionate Philadelphia sports fan who loved to play American football at university. I have grown up playing and watching a wide range of sports. I have been so lucky to have been to some unbelievable sporting events, there is nothing quite like that feeling of electricity in a sports crowd. 

A big Eagles, 76ers, Bolton/Liverpool, Miami Marlins fan.

Danny Caiger – Writer

From: Manchester, England

I am an avid Miami sports fan with an ability to find love in every sport, having played football, baseball, handball and quidditch, I truly believe I could convince you to give any of them a try given 5 minutes.

My love of sport blossomed from a very young age, singing ‘Blue Moon’ alongside my family at Maine Road and eventually the Etihad Stadium. As a youngster in the late 90’s/ early 00’s, supporting Manchester City introduced me to the passion and loyalty to a club who weren’t always successful, which I feel has very much followed me throughout my life into choosing less successful teams such as the Florida Panthers (NHL), Miami Dolphins (NFL) and Miami Marlins (MLB). But as the old saying, and my first article, goes ‘the comeback is always stronger than the setback’.

Eric Shepperd – Writer

From: New Jersey, USA

As a fan of professional wrestling for almost twenty years, I’ve seen a lot of weird and wonderful things that I like to write about. I love talking about the greatest sports spectacle on this earth, and I’m trying to convince myself my Electronic Media and Film degree from Towson University helps!

I’m also a huge fan of the NFL and NBA (Ravens and Nets!) and try to not miss many games. The best thing in the world is stories. I love to read a deep dive into something I wasn’t around for or just missed. I love telling those stories even more!

Jen Prodger – Writer

From: East Sussex, England

As somewhat of an outsider to the sports world, I can offer a far different perspective than the other writers at TFS. My articles will be less on the sports themselves and more on the personal stories of the athletes and cultural analysis.

One of my biggest passions in life is Science. I earned my masters of research in biological sciences from the University of Portsmouth in 2020. Writing for this website offers me the chance to uniquely challenge my research abilities and allows me to broaden my horizons.

Iestyn Withers – Writer

From: Cardiff, Wales

A former professional rugby league player, I am an avid sports nerd at heart and have participated in almost every sport I could find. Writing for over 10 years and having studied an undergraduate degree in English and Media with a postgraduate degree in Journalism, I believe that written communication can get to the heart of the best sporting stories. With extensive experience in creating wrestling, NFL and rugby content, I specialise in long-feature articles and deep dives into sporting moments of the past. Furthermore, my expertise includes in-depth analysis and data journalism.

A die-hard Welshman, I’m an avid Cardiff City FC and Wales fan. Additionally, I am arguably NFL quarterback Baker Mayfield’s number-one fan, and an ardent wrestling geek for anything WWE or AEW related. Ultimately, when it comes to sport, pump it directly into my bloodstream.

More of my work can be found at

Ryan Leverton – Writer

From: England

Coming soon!

Adam Smale – Writer

From: England

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Caroline Romero – Writer

From: Ontario, Canada

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