The Josh Davis Player Advice Service (JDPAS)

What is the Josh Davis Player Advice Service (JDPAS)?

One of the primary goals of the JDPAS is to create a database where we can display reviews of teams from all across Europe for any player/coach to see. 

For this to work, we are after anyone who has played/coached American Football in Europe to share their experiences with us, whether they be good or bad.

We are doing this to give an inside look at teams from those who have been a part of the organisations, shine a light on the teams who treat their players well and, hopefully, protect players/coaches from future disgusting situations. 

Any player who submits a response for the database will remain anonymous to protect them. 

The JDPAS also aims to help players/coaches in many other ways too. Our service includes:

  • Tape help
  • Contract help
  • Provide a platform to advertise yourself via (& through due to our working relationship with them)

+ More

The JDPAS section of this website will be assessable to players and staff of the website ONLY via a password.  

This service will always remain FREE for all players/coaches

To access the JDPAS page, please email: