Getting Back into Working Out

Phew, I just finished circuit training, and it was a tough one. At 50-years-old, I never thought I would return to exercise, but here I am. Two years ago, my son Anthony, a professional MMA fighter, began personal and group exercise training sessions in the basement of a local Welland, Ontario, Canada restaurant called The Blue Star. There were a few members, but we were a solid group who encouraged each other to continue on. It was very difficult and challenging for me for a while. I was really out of shape, and my body just didn’t move like it once did. But, I pushed on and found myself getting more fit as the weeks progressed.

Unfortunately, Covid hit, so we spent our time as a family renovating our garage into a home gym. Workouts became virtual, and we navigated through the Internet to continue with our classes. When the laws began to relax, Anthony was able to open the home gym up to more people, and Genius Fitness & Training started to grow. It grew so fast that our garage and driveway were soon not big enough to hold all the members.


The search for a brick-and-mortar business location began. Anthony was able to find a 1200 square-foot space in the city of Port Colborne, Ontario. Not as convenient as our home garage, but a completely necessary move to help the gym to continue growing. The renovations were a family affair. We painted, added a few walls, installed the outdoor sign and just like that, Genius Fitness & Training opened it doors and quickly increased its membership.

Now I am skipping, planking and biking my way through the twice-weekly circuit training workouts. I am pushing on in the quest for health and wellness. I am writing this to encourage anyone who might think it’s too late or too hard to get back on the fitness wheel. I am a real-life example that it can be done. Have faith in yourself, try your best and celebrate the little successes in your journey.

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