Outside the Cage: How do MMA fighters celebrate the Autumn holidays?

Fall is upon us, bringing with its falling leaves and cool nights some beautiful holidays. Halloween gives us a chance to dress up in our favourite costumes. When Thanksgiving comes around, we get to enjoy delicious dishes. Did you ever wonder how professional fighters like to celebrate the Autumn holidays? TalesFromSport did, so we went out and got some answers straight from the source.

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Smilin” Sam Alvey (33-16-1) – @smilensam

When asked about his favourite Thanksgiving food, Alvey stated, “definitely the turkey that I get to eat for the next two weeks”. The UFC middleweight revealed his go-to Halloween costume as “a superhero of my own design. I have two or three leather masks and a bunch of makeup. I throw that on whenever I’ve got something fun to do”.

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Kyle “The Monster” Nelson (13-4) @THE__MONSTER

For Halloween, the Canadian fighter said his preferred costume is William Wallace, the Scottish warrior played by Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart. It seems Nelson has a sweet tooth when it comes to his favourite Thanksgiving dish. Pumpkin pie earned the unanimous decision win as his favourite food for the holiday.

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Orion “Galaxy” Cosce (7-1) @GalaxyCosce

The Team Alpha Male fighter likes to mix it up when it comes to Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving chow. For Halloween, Cosce explained his costume styles change yearly. “I’m either doing something from a retro throw back or something scary. This year I’m gonna be Guy from Free Guy”. However, he couldn’t fully commit to one favourite Thanksgiving dish. “It would have to be a tie between making a Thanksgiving Sandwich (turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing between some sourdough bread) and pie”.

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Anthony “The Genius” Romero (9-1)@Genius_mma

It seems like Romero is going to be solving some mysteries this Halloween. The Dana White’s Contender Series alum admitted his costume this year to be Fred from Scooby Do. ‘Jeepers’ maybe he and the gang can find out where Dana’s been hiding that UFC contract. “The Genius” seems to be into the meat of the Thanksgiving holiday. “You don’t have to be a genius to know that turkey is the best part of Thanksgiving,” said the Canadian lightweight. “It’s the champ of the meal as far as I’m concerned”.

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Jasmine Jasudavicius (6-1) @JasJasudavicius

When choosing her Halloween costume, the newly minted UFC fighter doesn’t stray far from reality. “My go-to Halloween costume is a boxer. I usually have a black eye or some marks on my face from practice, so I don’t need any extra makeup”. Fighting out of Niagara Top Team in Ontario, Canada, Jasudaviscius explained that it’s all in the sauce when it comes to the Thanksgiving meal. “My favourite Thanksgiving food is a tasty gravy. If the gravy is good then the entire meal is good”.

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Aaron Jeffery (10-3)@aajmma

Aaron Jeffrey said his favourite costume is a banana suit, and that’s not just for Halloween! “I wore it all the time in university. Every party I went to I wore it,” the Brock University alum admitted. Jeffrey credited his mother for making his favourite Thanksgiving food. “My favourite Thanksgiving food is pumpkin pie”, he said. “My mom makes the best one”.


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