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The European League Of Football Team Of The Year


It has been an absolute honour to cover the inaugural season of the European League Of Football over on our social media feeds this year. The quality on display throughout every team and the professionalism blew everyone’s expectations out of the water and we can not wait until the next season kicks off in 2022.


Here is the Tales From Sport European League Of Football Team Of The Year, as voted for by the TFS staff.

Congratulation to every player who made the team!

(This was first announced on the TalesFromSport Twitter account)


Additional details:

Teams represented:
Frankfurt Galaxy – 6x
Hamburg Sea Devils – 6x
Leipzig Kings – 3x
Cologne Centurions – 3x
Wroclaw Panthers – 2x
Berlin Thunder – 2x
Barcelona Dragons – 1x

Players who received unanimous votes:
M. London
J. Constant
J. Christiansen
K. Ebanks
A. Botella Moreno
W. Nasri
J. Templar

Players who also received at least one vote:
L. O’Connor
J. Crawford
X. Johnson
P. Poetsch
Y. Kiehl
P. Banat
T. Knuettel

W. Lloyd
K. Hill
A. Vera
J. White
Z. Blair

Special Teams:
D. Schuhmacher

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